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A little about me?
WELL, to make a long story short I've used RM programs since childhood, now I'm 28 and honestly I've gotten rather good at it, far as mapping and writing my event scripts goes. You can do a lot more with events than some people think. I've made many games, but I always shared with friends, I'm just now getting into posting them online, because I feel I can finally make that RPG that's been stuck in my head for years! LOL

I am an artistic type of person, if it has to do with art forms I can do it or learn it. I sing, play guitar, paint, draw, and animate. I was born able to draw, I learned the rest of course lol. I live in West Virginia, and yes we very much do have internet and no inbreeding going around here, just heavy accent! If yall need to know anything else or you're just curious.. feel free to ask, I'm an open book. :P
Dec 1, 1987 (Age: 32)
Wayne, West Virginia
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