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  1. ragneBro

    Look behind you, a Three-Headed Monkey!

    Look behind you, a Three-Headed Monkey!
  2. ragneBro

    Moderator Voting

    Dude I'm from Sweden! 8)
  3. ragneBro

    Moderator Voting

    You can't blame an apple owner for using Siri. ;p
  4. ragneBro


    Hello and welcome! I'm really looking forward to see your work. Enjoy your stay! ^^
  5. ragneBro

    -shifty eyes- Hi, there.

    Hello and welcome! I'm looking forward to see your work! ^^
  6. ragneBro


    Hello and welcome! Enjoy your stay! Looking forward too see your work in the future. ^^
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  8. ragneBro

    My gentlemans, i dare welcome.

    Hello and welcome! Looking forward to see your work! Enjoy your stay! ^^
  9. ragneBro

    ragneBro for Moderator

    Top 3, hmm.. I'll start from the bottom: 3. I have completed all Leisure Suit Larry games. Problem solving at its best. (PS. Ken sent me. DS.) 2. I once aced a math test in primary school. BOOM! 1. Being a father of two, a daughter and a son. It certainly tests one's patience... ^^ I think...
  10. ragneBro

    Greetings Mortals

    Well hello there! Enjoy your stay. Looking forward to see your work. ^^
  11. ragneBro

    Star Lars

    Thank you Kaimen. I will do my best to make the game experience something unique.
  12. ragneBro

    Love it! ^^

    Love it! ^^
  13. ragneBro

    Star Lars

    I thank you for all the suggestions! ^__^ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'Normal' people don't use them because they are too difficult, and too obsolete in most people's hands. While it is true that non-force attuned people...
  14. ragneBro

    Well Hello :)

    Hello and welcome! Enjoy your stay and I'm looking forward to see your work! ^^
  15. ragneBro

    ragneBro for Moderator

    Not a coffee theme. My theme would be soo epic, that I can't describe it in words... I believe I have the qualities required to become a good moderator. Personality plays a big part i whether or not a person is a good forum moderator. A good forum moderator needs to be calm and needs to be able...