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Greetings, I go by ObsidianTrance or BluMiu and I'm an artist and writer in my personal time. I do commissions aside working on personal projects I'm working on developing through different media. Digital art is somewhat new to me as I've been drawing seen a wee lad, first working with a tablet and pen five years ago. Didn't take forever to get used to, and really opened a lot of possibilities for me.

I may start posting sample/draft works from the current fantasy novel I'm working on, Innocenza. It's a bit mature, so I'll have to find a way to censor that a bit as not sure what is allowed in that regard, if not a warning beforehand.

I'd vouch for both those skills, but I'd love to start working on sprite artwork in the future once things come along. My girlfriend has already started on such, but I'm pretty tunnel visioned when it comes to working on something XD

Anyhow, I'm looking forward to meeting other artists and creators here and the possibilities that entails. Best to~
October 4
Virginia, USA
RM Skill
Employed, freelance artist


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