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  1. IttleRPG

    "Who's Santa" a KungFu RPG on Greenlight!

    Kungfu Santa in Action! "Who's Santa" Greenlight page! Light us UP! Disgraced by hateful Christmas Tweets, it's time for Santa to clear the confusion over his name with Kung Fu! Imagine a comic book and an arcade game from back in 90's. Now imagine they had a baby. That's "Who's Santa," a...
  2. IttleRPG

    Hello from IttleRPG!

    Many thanks @Lore ! I'm actually refered by @JoePie to this helpful society! He say I might find dens of friendly Dev here XD
  3. IttleRPG

    Hello from IttleRPG!

    Hi every mate and maker fellow! Ittle here and nice to meet you guys!