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Isaac The Red

I started with RM2k/3 in early 2003, and have used each version since then but despite spending a lot of time with each iteration I've not released a full game yet.

Outside of the RPG Maker scene I am an avid Gamer, I play many Indie titles and love early access titles and playing the games in their ever changing environment of development.

Alpha/Beta Tester in many Online Games including ArchAge Online, The Elder Scrolls Online, Lucent Heart, Ragnarok Online, Ys Online, Hawken, Mechwarrior Online.

I have Experience both in Leading Guilds and Organizing Server Events with a small support team keeping things fun and active for gamers on servers hosting 100 - 400 daily users with about 250+ concurrent.

I play Card Games! Currently My Primary TCG is Force of Will, however I also know how to play a handful of others, including Legend of the Five Rings, Magination, My Little Pony CCG, Magic The Gathering, Yugioh, Wyvern, Monster Rancher, Pokemon, and Tomb Raider CCG. [I might have missed one in here somewhere.]

Fun Facts about me:

I'm socially inept IRL,
I'm as dense as pound cake,
I do not know what love has to do with it,
I'm far more social online than offline.... clearly,

Not so Fun Facts about me:

I'm Cranky sometimes... usually when I'm hungry or need a Cigarette.
I sometimes type faster than I think, and that makes for strange spelling/grammar mistakes as well as weird double writing out the same few words.
I'm as Honest and Blunt as a brick through a church window.
I don't know how to flirt/hit on a girl.
I was a foster child.

Ridiculous Facts about me:

I hate wearing shorts, but I love wearing my Kilt.
I'm Not Scottish.
I laps into an English accent for no reason sometimes. I'm not sure why.
May 15, 1987 (Age: 33)
RM Skill
PC Technician, Retail Sales



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