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  1. Iglerich

    Alveron - Withering Roots

    I'm really sorry for my late answer. Yay Cunechan :D I'm really glad that you see my improvements. I'm not working alone anymore! Story, World, Characters and Stuff are from LucyFox and me! Tilesets, Charsets and so on... everything with pixels :P... is pixeled from Schnecke. Our Pixel-Artist...
  2. Iglerich

    Alveron - Withering Roots

    Every Story needs an Ending… Well, but what if I don’t like the Ending? Don’t deprive a Story of it’s Ending Story: The World’s Tree – It balances everything in this world! It’s roots range over million worlds. In one of this worlds you can find the kingdom of Lyhjem, where the Alveri live in...