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Recent content by Helheim

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    Name one thing that you added to your MV Project today

    Today I implemented a new dungeon !!! Belonging to the skeleton king one of the 4 Kings of the Underworld in my game that was released recently !!! You must battle him and his minions for grand rewards!
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    Let's Get Social (Media, that is!)

    Heres my Youtube Channel where my game trailers are. Heres my Twitter Heres my company Facebook Page I Like this Idea :D
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    The Final Few 2019-06-04

    Hi my names Anders and for the past 3-4 months ive been working tirelessly on my first game, I was advised to use the RPG Maker MV engine and ive had nothing but fun using it. My game takes place in a world called The Vale and you take the role of a character named Anders (Cool name) You and...
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    The Final Few [Paid]

    Helheim submitted a new resource: The Final Few - Explore a unique world and fulfill your destiny of revenge. Read more about this resource...