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    Calamity submitted a new resource: Rolls-Royce - Vehicle Read more about this resource...
  2. Calamity

    MV 1.3 Rolls-Royce 2017-05-21

    Just a little Rolls that I made and thought someone else might be able to use. It is an MV edit so the usual provisions apply re owning RPGMaker MV. Feel free to use it however you like. Credit not necessary but appreciated.
  3. Calamity

    Show off your mapping skills

    I make up my own custom tilesets as I go. This one is mostly RTP edits. The walls are by the talented Ayene-chan on DiviantArt and there are also a few bits and bobs from the new FSM Town of Beginnings tileset (which is fantastic). Thus far I have not done any parallax maps - I prefer to...
  4. Calamity

    Show off your mapping skills

    This is a house called Crow's Nest.
  5. Calamity

    How do you like RMMV.co and what direction would you like us to go?

    I have only just joined but have already seen some amazing work by very talented and generous people. I hope I can eventually contribute something as well.