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  1. Azdak


    Looks fantastic! Can I ask why did you pick the name "Duncaster"?
  2. Azdak

    The Final Few [Paid]

    Do you have any screen shots or anything? I tryed to look up your game on Youtube but could not find anything. I'm not sure many people will buy it with out at least a few pictures.
  3. Azdak

    What is your favourite spell from a Video Game?

    What spell have you had in a game that you had not seen before and you loved?
  4. Azdak

    Which Should I do?

    That is a tricky one! I am sorry to hear that some one cast a lightning spell on your hard drive! That is evil! (I hope you have a USB stick to back up your new work :) I feel your dilemma, I did something very similar as well. I spent hours and hours making my own animations on ACE (some times...
  5. Azdak

    Can you do more harm then good if you release a Demo early?

    When do you think is the best time to release a Demo of your project? Can you do more harm then good if you release it early? Do you think it's OK to release something that is still a working progress? Would it annoy you if the treasure chests were all empty and you could walk through bits of...
  6. Azdak

    Enjoy the weather :D

    Enjoy the weather :D
  7. Azdak

    Planet series: EP1 crytalis planet

    I tryed to play it but I got an error as soon as i tryed to start it. Faild to load: img/system/worn.png
  8. Azdak

    Best marketing strategies

    There is a You-Tuber called Echo607 who made lots of RPG Maker videos with tips that I have watched. If for example she made a sponsored video I would watch it all knowing I would be supporting her. But I would not click on a random pop-up advertisement. (No, I do not want to download, game of...
  9. Azdak

    Best marketing strategies

    I like Video Promotion on You-Tube for example sponsoring a Youtuber something like this works for me. :) I do not like pop-up's, I hate them. Don't pay for pop-up :(
  10. Azdak

    Nice to meet you all... I think

    The best tip I can give you regarding this is to make a game that you would want to play. It might sound obvious but if you make a game for other people that you don't actually want to play, then odds on, they won't want to play it either. Don't put things in it you don't like even if they are...
  11. Azdak

    Truck Driver

    It would interest me if it has online multiplayer.
  12. Azdak

    Tales of Kandaria

    Love the title screen, quite scary! First thing I noticed, I think it is the 2nd or 3rd sentence in the game. You have "u" not you. You need to spell "you" and not write "u" I don't want to be a grammar Nazi but it's right at the start. This is my play through and thoughts while I was...
  13. Azdak

    Image of Perfection [Demo Available]

    It is not my type of game but the graphics and tile sets are very good. I liked your sound FX in it. I think people would like it, it has charm.
  14. Azdak

    New Theme

    That's cool, You have done a lot of excellent stuff! I hope it all go's well for you, you certainly are very skilled. Thank you for the reply and I look forward to continue to use your website and I look forward to see how it grows in the future :)
  15. Azdak

    Nice to meet you all... I think

    I think it is possible to regret meeting us all but very unlikely, especially because I'm here, I'm awesome to meet, you're so lucky! :D Welcome to the site, if you have any questions just ask, people are very nice and friendly on here. :) Have you started a game yet?