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  1. Ally

    Problem with translation engine in android apk

    Ehy everyone :) Can i help me with a little change in a one plugin? This is a plugin: http://sumrndm.site/translation-engine/ The plugin work perfectly, but there's two thing... 1) The Plugin Command: [SetTranslation LANGUAGE] In order to force a traslation Doesn't work 2) Building an .APK...
  2. Ally

    Hello from Italy

    Hello Pit, welcome ^^
  3. Ally


    Thanks all for response and congrats ^^ I think to finish project in mv...maybe... :3
  4. Ally


    in collaboration with ROOLER Presents - Background The Empire of Kharrad lies on the island who bears the same name, pacific from thousand years ago: very similar in architecture, structure and society to the european middle-ages, the empire is under the control of His Imperial Majesty...
  5. Ally

    Hi all ^^

    Hi guys, my name is marco and I a member from Italy, Nice to meet you all! Cheers, Marco