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Recent content by Alberth Kierminto

  1. Alberth Kierminto

    Azure's GFX & Art Section [OPEN!]

    . . .the artwork is very original and beautiful. . .
  2. Alberth Kierminto

    Graphics Amy's MV Generator

    . . .I'm looking forward to see the completed work and try it. . . . . .with that great of an artwork, it is normal to not distribute the completed resource for free. . .
  3. Alberth Kierminto

    Am I allow to sell my Steam key?

    . . .in secret. . .
  4. Alberth Kierminto

    World Map Discussion

    . . .when i design maps. . .i have crucial points to make. . .especially world maps ( which i rarely do anymore, since they are boring to me ). . . . . .starting place and ending place. . .that's all. . .then decide how many dungeons you will take between them, done? decide if you need town in...
  5. Alberth Kierminto

    Keeping Track of Credits?

    . . .this is a tip for you and this is what i do. . . . . .rename every file you obtained on the spot, type of file, name of file and creator. . .
  6. Alberth Kierminto

    RPGMV Sale Inquiry

    . . .do you have steam??? i can gift it to you when it is on sale. . .so you don't miss any discounts. . . Edit: because I am online everyday on Steam
  7. Alberth Kierminto

    Combo based battle system

    . . .u can make an actor to learn a skill through the formula box, or just add a state that add certain skill to the actor when the skill is used. . . . . .or u can increase the TP as Stamina to enable certain skill to be launched with enough TP. . .but this is restrictive, since TP is a global...
  8. Alberth Kierminto

    Skill/ Stat leveling upon use or action.

    . . .every time you use a skill set it to increase a variable. . . . . .use that variable to determine the increase and decrease through certain triggering event. . . . . .for different characters with same skills u can create ditto for every actors and it depends on how big your actors...
  9. Alberth Kierminto

    I lost my game. Three times. Everything is gone. T_T

    . . .tips from me, get an external hard drive, i always backup files that takes time to form or complete like downloaded dlcs, thesis, important self made documents once in while ( once a month ). . . . . .it creates a checkpoint like system to my files. . .
  10. Alberth Kierminto

    What scripts would you like made?

    . . .multiple units but same actor in the party. . .
  11. Alberth Kierminto

    Advice? (Garando) (Prologue???)

    . . .i have imagined the scene itself, but to be able to advice you properly, i need to know about the exact controls that you have in the game. . . . . .and the backstory a bit would help too. . .
  12. Alberth Kierminto

    Name one thing that you added to your MV Project today

    . . .i created the flashback part of the introduction scene of my game which includes 1. 4 maps ( 2 for setting the ambience, 2 for the scenes ) 2. a few events : switches events, the actor events and dialogue events 3. choosing the right se, bgs and bgm, graphics ( tbd, template for now )...
  13. Alberth Kierminto

    Not exactly new, but never introduced and never been active

    . . .just want to hop on here and enjoy the ride
  14. Alberth Kierminto

    FPS vs. RPG

    . . .FPS with the fantasy of an RPG. . .so I'd say the combination of both would prevail. . .
  15. Alberth Kierminto

    What games are you playing about now?

    . . .hi, bizzare monkey. . .the obnoxious yet somehow cheerful guy that manage to survive the cruel world of hatred and beings of chaos. . . . . .to topic : I'm currently play SMT Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker and Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon and Terraria. . .