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  1. Admiral Crayon

    Requesting help from Combat Formula experts

    I found this online: Tips & Tricks - Sacrificial Bolt This should work c': Not sure about the critical chance though. Actually if you only want to deal twice the REMAINING mana you should put a.mp * 2 instead.
  2. Admiral Crayon

    Recomendations for Improving HUDs and menus for my future project.

    As for me, I'm currently using these plugins from the Victor Engine: Battle Command Window Battle Status Window These greatly facilitate any change you would like to make to your battle HUD. As it does not come with any premade settings nor graphical assets, it is also a great way to make your...
  3. Admiral Crayon

    New mem here

    I thought it was "new meme" at first which would have been such great news- I mean it's still pretty great news but whatever. Welcome sir
  4. Admiral Crayon

    [Solved]Battle condition: Between x% and x% HP

    I was convinced variables could store decimals but apparently not, inverting the order did work. Thank you for your help sir!
  5. Admiral Crayon

    [Solved]Battle condition: Between x% and x% HP

    Hello peeps! I have just created an event inside a battle troop that only triggers when the enemy's HP is between 50% and 75%. Here's how I did it: My issue here is that the event sequence doesn't trigger at all and I can't tell why. The event does trigger if I take off the Enemy HP > 50...
  6. Admiral Crayon

    [Solved]Actor starting with unwanted equipment

    Hi people, I'm not sure what's going on right now but my first actor always starts the game with the same specific body armor even though I have set his starting equipment to none: I made the actor start on an empty map to make sure that wasn't triggered by an event but that didn't change...
  7. Admiral Crayon

    Need a Shiba Inu sprite

    If you can get the permission to use it from this guy: http://bouhm.deviantart.com/art/Stardew-Valley-Shiba-Inu-Pet-597380882 It'd be pretty easy to adapt it to MV, but first, you must obtain permission. If you DO need help resizing it after that's done, hit me up.
  8. Admiral Crayon


    @Cunechan Of course you would enjoy MEINCRAFT, you're German >:C No but I know what he meant, It was just a joke (jolly)
  9. Admiral Crayon


    By world building, you mean playing minecraft right???????? Welcome to the forums!
  10. Admiral Crayon

    [Solved]Erase enemy from battle.

    Hello fellow makers! Here's my problem: I have made a small battle scene in which an enemy jumps into a big robot. It is mainly made using this plugin: http://yanfly.moe/2015/10/12/yep-5-action-sequence-pack-2/ At some point, the enemy becomes invisible to give the illusion that he...
  11. Admiral Crayon

    How do you create your bosses?

    I already made a small setup and the boss talks nonsense throughout the whole battle, so that's something done. I won't have a huge scene overflowing with dramatic revelations as my game is mainly meant to be funny. I wouldn't have much to reveal either since this is the beggining of the game...
  12. Admiral Crayon

    Hello there fellow game lovers <3

    Oh wait, they have computers in Egypt? I thought they lived in pyramids and such- No but seriously, that's quite a sad story sir, I hope your life gets better, feel free to ask for help or anything! Welcome to the forums!
  13. Admiral Crayon

    Random SF Tiles

    Admiral Crayon updated Random SF Tiles with a new update entry: Added computer from behind Read the rest of this update entry...
  14. Admiral Crayon

    Random SF Tiles - Added computer from behind

    I know the comp looks kind of horrible but I still added it in case anyone needed it.
  15. Admiral Crayon

    The Multi-Game Giveaway

    Well I would really enjoy participating but my post count hasn't reached the 2os yet so that's not like I can- OH LOOK 17, must post 3 more before midnight- Nah I'm kidding, I don't want to spam the forum :/ Edit: Well now that I have enough post, it'd be nice if I could enter c; But yea I...