It’s June 24th, 2019. I’ve come to realize that it might be more beneficial to start hosting everything through my own personal stuff. For example, when promoting new websites, content, communities, etc. I’m going to start doing it through my personal twitter, having the website or community’s discord be my personal discord, etc. No point in having 200 discords with 100 members on it, when I can begin to have one main discord with a lot more members on it. This being said I’ve shut down a lot of my discord servers, and now I’m simply focusing on myself, and benefiting those who are apart of my community.

I’ve also sold one of my websites. is no longer mine, and I’m looking into selling a few others. I simply do not have the time for them, and I feel if I can give it to someone else who’s interested in helping out that community than by all means, I might as well do so 🙂

Starting the beginning of this month I also started to use my youtube channel again, and I’m going to be posting a bunch of new content on it. All ranging from different things, such as top 5 ghost videos, to top 5 video game plays, etc. I figured I’d start doing the same with my youtube channel. I’ve had hundreds of channels back in the day all with different content, so now I’m going to be posting it all on my main channel 🙂