I’m working on rebuilding an old website of mine. One I made a while back geared to helping out other webmasters, and webdevs. This website I’m not going to say directly as I’m still working on rebranding it, and remaking it all together it’s going to be a webmaster website. Built entirely on my knowledge of 10 years of making websites as well as tips and tricks on how I made a website with almost 40k members.

About the Website:
With this being said I’m planning on opening up a forum I made a while back. If you can tell I removed all the dates from the image, I’m about to revamp it, post new content and everything else for it. I feel that throughout the 10 years, and now owning a forum with almost 40k members I’d be able to help out a lot of people by posting some of the things I’ve did that worked AS WELL as posting some of the things I did that didn’t work, or that almost costed me a website. I’d like a webmaster website where it’s geared at genuinely helping other webmasters, especially new ones. I know a lot have been made, and the webmaster niche is slightly cluttered, however I feel with my history and knowledge I should be good with helping others out which is all I’d like to do.