Xyphien.com isn’t the only thing I’m working hard on updating. This new year showed me that I really need to put my focus back into what really matters, and my communities are one of the biggest things to me. Because of that I’ve been working hard on RPGMakerMV.co as well as DemiCardGame.com

For RMMV.co I’ve completely redid the forum, upgrading it to the latest, and greatest Xenforo 2. However, with that came a lot of errors. And one is currently one of the worst I’ve seen, and sadly the developer of the big plugin I need isn’t responding right away. It’s causing a lot of users troubles, and it has disabled one of the biggest features we offer. Members are not currently able to upload resources to the system, free, or paid. Which means they cannot make any profit off of their games, and hard work. Which kills me that it’s taking so long to get in touch with the developer. However, nonetheless I’m working on, and diligently to bring everything back to working order.

As for DemiCardGame.com throughout the year I’ve been working on the cards I’ve neglected the website completely. That is unprofessional, and something I now strive to fix. I’ll be adding a simi regular schedule to give everyone information on where we are, and what’s going on. I’ve also neglected posting the new cards on the website, right now we have outdated cards that make the website look like it’s simply dead. I’ll be changing all of that, as well as I’ve just remastered the forums. Throughout the time I’ve been working on the card game hundreds of bots spammed my forum which was using WordPress’ Buddypress, and they do not have an option to mass delete, which means I paid for a new Xenforo license, and I went ahead and upgraded the forum to Xenforo. I’m in the process of adding a bridge to them both, so a registration on one registered to the other. With this users will be able to have full access to both the forums, and the website with one simple login. With Xenforo I can monitor, manage, and remove spam easier, as well as it has more features for the community to use and makes it easier for everyone all together.

I’m also looking into upgrading StreamPromote.com originally it was a xenforo forum, however I’m planning on turning that into a toplist like TopMinecrafts. I have a few other things planned, but that will be saved for next time!