I haven’t written a blog post in a hot minute. I do apologize for that. However, I have recently gotten out of the Army, and settled into my first apartment which I’m now looking at buying a house once this lease is almost up. That being said I’ve been really busy the past few months and I’m now in a situation where I’m able to work on everything I’d like to without worrying about it. This being said I have four main things I’m focusing on at the moment! My Livestream, Demi Card Game, Demi RPG Game, and my Discord servers/ and Websites which are listed here below. All of which have my upmost attention.


I’ve gotten my affiliate on Twitch, which means I’m now able to make some extra money playing games which is always a HUGE bonus to doing something I already love to do. And entertaining people is another thing I’ve always loved doing. This is extremely exciting and can also help me with my funds as I have no job and simply collect money from my injuries in the Armed Forces at the moment.


Demi Card Game has came a LONG way since I last posted about it on here. We’ve finished the entire Greek Deck, and are currently working on the Norse Deck. Which I still have a lot of stuff that needs to be done in order to even take the images I have for the Norse Deck and put them into card form. However, I’m working on that nonetheless and it should be good to go by the end of the week!


Demi is also releasing a RPG Game, though not card related like the actual game, it will be a classic RPG game. You chose your class amongst 6 other classes, your own name, and go on your own adventure. Depending on the choices you make, will depend on the outcome of the game. Chose wrong and you could leave a city in ruins, or have someone you could have aligned with be killed before even seeing them. It will be a massive choice based game, and one I am personally extremely excited to create!


As for the discord servers and my website, I have a few of them that are my top priority list. Xyphien.com RPGMakerMV.co DemiCardGame.com ArchGamers.com are my biggest websites on my list of things to maintain at the moment. With the free time I have available I will strive to make sure they are all up to date from now on 😀 As for discord servers, I have the following which rank from Highest Priority to High Priority! DemiCardGame – The official Card Game for DCG. StreamPromote – A discord community where you can promote your stream, and gain more followers, subs, etc. by being active! AGC – ArchGamers Community. The discord for the website and also RPGMakerMV – The official discord server for RMMV.co

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