Salutations everyone! I have a few updates for you all!


First off, I’ve gotten a lot done with Demi. We’re about 9/90 cards made for the starter decks, and a few cards made for the card packs. However, the biggest thing that I’ve added to the game is the ability to play all three starter decks on a game called Tabletop Simulator. Here I’ve been playing with a few randoms, and other fans as well as tweaking the game with a few things.









Another thing, I’ll be giving away a free game every week starting this week. The giveaways will be sponsoring and will be to help promote both GameHandout, myself, and Demi. Throughout the weeks/months, etc. It’ll allow me to gain a bigger following, and in return allow me to help promote the websites I’d like to be promoted. Get the first game here:

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