As you may all know, Gamehandout is one of my main focal points when it comes to websites. I’ve been working on it, and continuing to try and improve it, as well as keep it active for years now. Throughout the years I’ve gathered countless game keys I’ve been giving away, and with a wide variety, and huge amount of keys left I’ve decided to allow Partnering with GameHandout.

We’re currently looking for members of the gaming community to sponsor! This means if you are an upcoming streamer, tweeter, or anything relating to gaming then we’re looking for you! In becoming a partner with us you’re ensuring that GameHandout expands, and grows as a community. GameHandout Partners help shape the community with their shoutouts, feedback, and having a face to put with GameHandout.In return, We offer the perks of the following:
Green colored username to stick out from all other members.
Your content being sponsored on our website, and via social media.
Monthly gift codes to giveaway.

If you wish to become a GameHandout Partner then please Contact us at giving us a link to your content, and any other information you feel we will need. We will then review it, and write back within 48 hours.”

This will allow us to give steam keys out to streamers, youtubers, and much, much more, as well as help us branch out by allowing them to promote our website and what we do here at GameHandout!

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