Hello everyone, I’m here today to bring you some bad news 🙁 today I shut down AGC (ArchGamers.com) it was a project a buddy and myself went into with a 50/50 goal. He’d do 50% of the work, I’d do 50% of the work. He’d pay 50% of the funds, I’d pay 50% of the funds. However, unfortunately he never stuck to this and it left me being the sole provider, advertiser, etc. for the website. What was an amazing idea, turned out too much for just myself to manage on-top of everything else I am managing. This proved to be its downfall. What irritates me, is his whole argument was “I helped pay for it, I didn’t think I had to actually help with it at all”… ooh well, I’m going to keep the domain, and if I ever get into sponsoring a MLG team, or making my own semi-pro team for whatever game it is I’m super obsessed with at the time, this name will be sure to make it’s way back!

I now have all of my sites HTTPS compatible. However, I’m still trying to get them fully secure. I just managed to get Xyphien.com to be 100% compatible, as well as Camstratia.com however, I’m struggling with GameHandout.com I pretty much found a wordpress plugin that makes it dummy proof to get your site 100% secure and display the lock/secure, however, xenforo is a whole nother story and every other xf site I’ve had seemed to instantly get secure GameHandout is proving to be the most difficult. I personally think having https://gamehandout.com one of the most needed ones out there, as often times people think GameHandout is a scam, as “Free steam games has to be too good to be true” or other logic such as that. Which is irritating in itself. Having https I feel would help discredit this claim, and hopefully help people see how legit, and amazing gamehandout is as a community!

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