Despite working 12 hour shifts with no days off for the past almost 2 months I’ve gotten a lot of things done. Some I don’t think I’ve mentioned, others I might re-mention. I’m unsure if I’ve mentioned this but I’ve been in the process of making a game for the past few months. Though it’s being developed by myself, with the help of 2 others who are making graphics, and the music for the game (The whole game) it’s mostly why there hasn’t been much progress with it. However, as I’m getting ready to complete the overall town (Not to include the characters, or any functions of the game) I’ve decided to make a website and soon-to-be forum for the game. It’s as well as


Ooh, another thing, I’ve went through and made most of my forums but 3 HTTPS (SSL) certified. Those three sadly cannot be upgraded until I remove another one of my websites which I’m very hesitant to do. I’m thinking about seeing if my hosting company, hawk host, would be able to simply transfer the whole site over to another one of my hosting plans as I have four of them 😀 this would free up the overabundance of room I have on the one hosting that is preventing me from adding the SSL (Https) to the websites.


I’ve also been really hyped for this MMO to come out, and have been no lifing the Korean version for the past month. I’m already lvl 42 out of 50 (being the max). I’ve then decided to make as well as in hopes that I can provide some Guides, translations, etc. for the russian, korean, and soon-to-be Western/US release once Aeria Games announces it fully.


Some of the images of the game I’m making can be found below:




Characters –
Maddie: 19: Very soft spoken, shy, and loving person.
She spends her time thinking about all the
ways she could help everyone and provide a
cure to the people who have recently been
infected. Her goal is to be the opposite of
her father.

Dale: 43: Maddie’s father. He’s’s a drunk, angry,
rude, and mean person. Though he hasn’t
been caught, often times does
maddie have bruises on her that isn’t well
explained. Many think it is from Dale’s known
anger problems. Dale often times can be
found in the pub, or in the
jailcell from fights in the pub.

Cassandra: 20: Cassandra is a quiet, yet quite emotional
girl who is in her scene/gothic phase. She
is either really sad, or angry towards people.
The only people she tends to be nice with
are the ones who are her friends, and truly
‘understand’ her.

Stanice: 37: Stanice is Cassandra’s mother. She is
very nice, and owns a store in the town.
She tries to help out everyone she can with
any problems, while trying to make ends meet
at her shop.

Frank: 39: Frank is Cassandra’s Father / Stanice’s
Husband. He is very helpful, and wise.
He grew up outside of the wall, and knows the
struggles of life, as well as how to survive.
He is the lead librarian at the warriors
guild, and will help with any knowlege needed
to know of outside the wall.

Henry: 31: Henry is a very straight forward, blunt
individual. He is the owner of the
warriors guild, and the one that plans all
of the tasks for those who go outside of the
gate. He is also the protector of the gate,
and the one that caters all the orders around,
in, and outside of the gate when it comes
to protection.

Samuel: 65: Mayor Samuel is the owner of the town.
He is very well respected, and very proper.
Many people say he was a huge roleplayer
online prior to the apocalypse. He was
once caught boasting about his guild prior
to the outbreak. People say this is how he
became such a good mayor. His spends his life
catering to the town, and making sure
everything is in the correct balance.

Stanley: 9: Stanley is the child of Samuel. He is
extremely young, and no one knows
who his mother is. Samuel won’t even talk
about it. Stanley, also known as Stan. Is
very wild, and rambunctious. If there is
ever any trouble around the town, most of the
time you can find Stanley around that area.

Micheal: 18: Micheal is known as being the male version
of Cassandra. He is very quite, and quite
rude besides towards Cassandra, and the
younger children. He is almost always found
in his room besides the occasional visit
to the bathroom.

Sarah: 22: Sarah is the ‘princess’ of the town. She
will never be found walking without her
head held high. She often times speaks down
towards everyone.
She is extremely bad when it comes to her
son. She is often heard belittling her son
Micheal. Many think that Micheal’s behavior
is a direct response to her negativity.
She is the magic shop owner, and is often
not visited due to both her attitude
and the lack of magical knowlege in the town.
She is the only one who knows magic, and
refuses to teach anyone who is not to
her standards.

Benard: ??? : Every town, group, etc. has that one guy
who just doesn’t seem ‘right’. Benard has
never been seen outside of his house.
Many people wonder how he eats, or stays
alive. Many people claim a foul odor
coming from his house. No one dares enter
his house, or even bothers to check
up on him. Children claim to see him
doing ‘creepy’ stuff in his house. Though
none of them have ever explained what truly
goes on in the house.

Shawn: 34: Shawn is the towns farmer. He tends to
be on the lazier side, and is always looking
for people to help do his job for him. He
often times pays people to water his crops
and pick them for him. He also owns the
food store.

Kayla: 32: Kayla tends to stay in the shop to manage it
as she knows her husband Shawn tends to cut
a lot of corners, and is quite lazy. She
sometimes jokes to customers about it, which
Shawn doesn’t seem to have a problem with.
Though she tends to stay to herself, once
you get to know her, she is quite the
talkative one.

William: 8: The child of Kayla, and Shawn. William
is a very energetic young child who is
mostly found outside playing, and enjoying
the view of everything. Most people see him
playing in the park area, climbing on trees
and splashing in the water.

Blossom: 7: Blossom is very quite, and loves to
read books and study. Often times found with
Cassandra reading books with her. Everyone
says Blossom will be the next air to the
village with her amazing talent for strategy
and intelligence. If you do not see her with
Cassandra, you will almost always find her at
the library.

Hank 20: Hank was found a few months after the town
got set up. He was badly injured, yet
didn’t seem to have any bite marks on his
body. His injuries seemed to be caused by
another human vs. an infected. He now lives
by himself, and tends to keep by himself.
He is apart of the towns guards, and spends
most of his time watching the gate.

Ernest: 47: Ernest was apart of the town long before
the infection, and spent his whole life
trying to help better the town. Now he spends
all of his time guarding the town, and
ensuring no ill happens to the town. He is
one of the most valued towns guard.



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