Tomorrow (Technically today as it’s past 12am) I’ll be making the Indiegogo campaign for SenpaiDating live! We’re going to be putting up the goal for $3,000 and if we cannot get that amount within the time limit, sadly we’re going to have to put the idea on the side burner 🙁


On other news. I am getting back up and running! In the past 24 hours we’ve gained around 20 members all becoming active, and helping us get the content up and running which is always a plus. I put a lot of time into getting all the games available added to the shop. With 140 games available for you to get for free, it’s no wonder why people are lining up to be apart of the site 😀


for everyone who doesn’t know what GameHandout is, it’s a gaming community that rewards you for posting on the forums. With every post you get forum currency called GH$ which you can then turn into steam games, FREE! It’s a really great website I’ve been working on getting up off and on for the past around 5 years. However, as of now I am putting my full effort into getting it fully functional, and active!


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