Have you ever visited something, or re-read something from the past that just had you sitting there wondering where time has went?


I just visited my second ever site, and first ‘successful’ site. It was up there in the day, I’d like to think. Https://Pivetworld.forumotion.com this was the first .com website I’ve ever bought (It expired). The site was built in 2010-05-01, that’s well over 6 years ago. I read a comment from an old friend on there saying how we lost contact, and really haven’t spoken in well over 4 years. It just had me thinking of all the friends, and people I use to talk to back in the day.


On less depressing news, I am currently working on a new website, I know… I have a problem. https://battlerite.co which is a community forum for the game Battlerite. It’s extremely addicting, and so far I’ve gained 50 members in around 3 days due to me hosting a tournament on it. I hope it picks up, and I’m actually really excited for the tournament, and to see the future progression of the website.


I haven’t posted on this as much as I hope, so I’ll start to attempt to make some more posts, so one day I can go back to this, and re-read everything that was going through my head at the time, as well as check out some of the old websites of mine 🙂

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