So… as you all may know I made well… Now I’m working on yet another VR website called which is still highly in developement.  Nonetheless, it’s coming along fine. I have a demo up now, and going through and changing/editing some things on it. It’s going to be called VGN and hopefully get pretty popular.


However, my next priority is OWS. Overwatch Spotlight is going to be a network of social media dedicated to featuring content on overwatch. From custom content, highlight plays, fan-art, fan-made content, etc. I’ll be sharing it all on the site, twitter, facebook, and making videos on youtube of top ten plays, funniest moments, best fan art, etc. I’m really excited about this, and the site is actually up and functional right now. I purchased an add for it and everything.


I’m still really busy, and haven’t been able to do much of anything, and won’t be able to until about next month. However, it doesn’t mean I can’t update this here and there.

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