So… I’ll be away for a month. We’re getting ready to head back, we just moved into tents with extremely poor internet. Unless something super awesome happens I won’t be updating this until I get back to the states more than likely.


Speaking of super awesome, I got offered $360 a month to put ads on one of my websites from this site. Sadly… the email they supplied me to reply back to isn’t a real email. I’m guess it’s either a fake email by a troll wanting to get my hopes up/advertising the site, or they simply misspelled the name or something. By the way, if anyone is interested in putting ads on any of my websites, don’t hesitate to contact me here on the contact page. We can negotiate everything, etc. and make it work. gets over 300k views a month, and several of my other sites get a good amount of traffic as well. Though I don’t like to spam ads on my sites, I can add a rotating add or something along those lines to display ads without it taking up a lot of space on the websites itself, whilst being in view in a easily clickable area.

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