Won’t be going to bed for a while, however I figured I’d get out of the way right now. It’s 2130 and I’m hyped up on a monster and probably won’t go to bed until like 0400 and I need to be up at 0900 to claim a good spot in the tent I’m going in however, probably saying screw that and getting whatever is left over.


I’m pretty sure I’m done with VRMMO.co and I’m really excited on how it turns out as of now. Sadly won’t have too many posts for a long while as there is currently only one VRMMO being developed right now. Though I’ll be keeping a huge eye on all thing VR in hopes that more will be released, as well as more information on VR.


As for the rest  of the sites I haven’t had a chance to do anything else. I’ve been packing all day for the move, and just now finished everything. So… This post will be extremely short, and have nothing too much going on in it.

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