VRMMO.co has came a long way in the 5 days I’ve been working on it. I’ve fixed a BUNCH of stuff, and just added my first blog post to it https://t.co/Ia4OvvXzoq I’m really excited for the site. There are still a lot of things I need to fix, such as the footer changing on each page to a different page, which is quite weird. It displays a different twitter tweet, and I kind of forgot where I went to change all that. I’ll hopefully find it tomorrow.


I really need to fix the twitter on RaiseGamer, as well as the footer as a whole. I’ve been advertising it for a while now, and I haven’t even bothered with the footer, which is a terrible thing to neglect when being a webmaster. I also realized I haven’t been on much on RMMV.co (RPGMakerMV.co) and will start posting and doing everything on that. I haven’t had much time off the past few days and those few hours I’ve spent updating the websites. I’m not sure if they’re excuses, or viable reasons, however I will start needing to make room for all of my sites. If I make all these sites, I need to be on top of them. Why spend all this time making something and then let it die out.


No one views, or read these, and they’re mostly just for myself to take all my thoughts on the day and put them up, however, if anyone is reading them. One, you probably know that I overuse Commas and two, I’d like to thank you for taking the time out of your day to go through and read these. It’s always nice having someone interested enough in what you do to read about it. Take care, and good night.

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