So, I really like having my own site to be honest. I’ve made sites for myself in the past, but really never used them, promoted them, or really did anything with them. I just did it just to have it, not like I’m doing that for this site, however I find this really neat still, and something I really enjoy doing. Every night just hoping on and putting down progress I’ve made on websites, etc. It really helps me put what I do into perspective, and gives me drive to get more done. I really didn’t like putting “ooh, I didn’t do too much today” on the past blog post, so it really inspired me to do more, and focus a lot more I think.


That being said… I got a LOT done with! I figured out 90% of the problems I’ve had with everything. Fixed the Greenlight for the https not showing up. Now we have a green https and the lock on the website. I got everything working, added categories, changed up everything besides the sidebar. I removed all the spam advertisements on the site, and I’ll go through and add one to the footer, and maybe one in the sidebar, other than that I’m not bothering with ads until it gets bigger. Ads make the site look ugly, and like your whole purpose is to make money. Though money is nice, I make all my websites as a hobby. Everyone knows that most hobbies are expensive, and don’t make much money back, so I’m completely fine not making too much money. Breaking even is all I ever ask 😀 


Made this for the test post, and will be using this once we actually go live.


My goals for tomorrow is fixing all of the social media links on the site, they all display other social media, or at times no social media at all. Such as the share this on the blog posts. I’ll also be removing the orange line on the logo. I personally do not like this at all. I’ll keep the shadow on the logo, however, the orange creates a pixelated look around the edges and I truly dislike it greatly. I originally just added that as it was hard to see on white pages, however with a shadow behind it, that solves the issue I had.


On we had a 6 way tie today on our contest. I’ve never heard of this before today, so because of that I made a badge for the occasion. I thought it was awesome, and something no one expected, this means that we will have to wait for a moderator on the page called LTN Games to think of a way around the tie, to chose a winner of the contest XD


Other than that I haven’t had much time to do anything else. I hung out with people and worked all day today. However, for the time I was allotted I feel I accomplished enough on soon I’ll finish this and move onto the for my Albion Online guild, and possibly guild/clans/groups/etc. in the future for other games.

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