It seems the days you have the least amount of stuff to do job wise, is the day you don’t do too much productive wise. I’m pretty bummed out on how little I’ve done today. I mean, I updated both the core software itself, as well as the theme. However, I didn’t progress much at all with which isn’t too much of a problem as there isn’t any VR MMO’s out, coming out, or being discussed right now to have a need to have it up and running, however, for me, not getting a website up in a day is really bad lol.


I just realized I have 31 domains currently… Why… lol. I really need to try and sell some. If anyone is interested in some domains feel free to contact me. Just click the Contact tab on this site 🙂


Speaking of domains, I made a guild on a game called Albion Online, and it has over 80 members, and getting pretty big. My co-owner (Which I promoted to Owner until we get back into the states) was talking to someone about making a website and paying them to do it… I’m his roommate, and we were making a business together before he bailed on it as misfortune struck us down left and right (RaiseGamer prior to it becoming CrowdSourcing was going to be CrowdFounding). So, he should know that I make websites lol. Anyway, I decided to buy the domain and will be turning that into the guild website, and eventually branching off, and turning it into my full on guild website for all my games I play. Which will come in handy once I start playing VR MMO’s 😀


Ooh! Speaking of VRMMO I made the logo and banner for it today. Which isn’t much, but it’s something somewhat productive I guess XD


avatar bannerlogo Logo

The logo is made for darker backgrounds, so it isn’t too noticeable on a white background like this 🙂


Other than that, I haven’t done too much productive today. It’s been pretty bland around here. I played some Albion Online and almost leveled up from t4 to t4.1 and watched Gangsta (Anime).


What all have you done today? Comment below or tweet me @Xyphien on twitter 😀

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