Hey everyone! It’s my first official day of having this blog. To be honest, I’m not sure how long I’ll do this, if this is just a phase, or what… However, as of now I’ll be updating this whenever I do something great, or even once a day. I’m not sure.


I’m currently in the process of updating https://rpgmakermv.co to the latest version of xenforo, hoping that it will fix a posting bug the members have found out about.


ooh! So… I’ve been really, really, REALLY excited about VR the past few days. I’ve been researching each product, and what games it supports, the functionality of each one, etc. And right now I’m looking at HTC Vive,  and Oculus Rift. I’ll be buying one of them probably either later this year, or early next depending on if I have a huge impulse buy or not. I’ve been watching SAO, Log Horizon, etc. and I’ve been really eager to see if they come out with any VR MMO’s. So much to the point that I just bought the domain, and starting to make anther blog/website based on VRMMO https://vrmmo.co it’s not currently set up, however, when it is, it’ll be a website based on reviewing MMO’s for VR, discussing them, and doing top 10’s etc. Much like MMOHut, and othre sites. However, this will be specifically for VR devices. I have the logo, and website theme already planned out, I’m now waiting for the SSL to go through the website in order to start it. Which will hopefully mean it’ll be up by this week.


That’s about it today XyCrew (Kind of catchy right? I’ve used it before, and not too sure if I like it yet or not.) Take care, and see you next time I update the blog.

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