Hello everyone! If you’re reading this, most likely you’re a fan of something I’ve done XD I decided to make a website as I’d like to be able to link to one site that shows everything I’m doing, done, did, etc. all in one spot. I was going to make a site called ‘XySites’ however, it was already taken. Seeing as I’ve already own the domain of Xyphien.com why not make use of it finally. So… That’s what I did. Here I will be updating my blog on everything that I’m doing, working on, updating, changing, etc. on all of my sites, channels, social media, etc. I’ll start to try and become more active with everything, and try to get my name out there a bit more, etc. As of now, people either know me from one place or another, and here I can try to branch out, and have people check out all of my work 🙂


Xyphien.com is now open, and I hope you all enjoy it, and stick around!

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