About Xyphien

Xyphien, also known as Chaun Farmer originally started to become a content creator, make website, and create communities in 2009. Since then he's made well over 100 different, unique websites, forums, and communities. He was the owner of which was his largest website at over 39,500 users! He is the Owner/CEO of Xyphien LLC a creative company that makes video games, board games, card games, intro videos, and more! 

Xyphien may do things different but brings a lot to the table! He hasn't stopped building communities, however he has stopped using forums in the natural since. After Partnering with Guilded his entire goal is to build communities on the platform and further build it. With just under 500 people referred he is one of the top promoters for Guilded. His passion for the platform promotes people to actually check them out and gives them hope that the platform is as great as he boasts. If you are interested in Sponsoring or Partnering Xyphien you can email him HERE. He will need some trials at the bare minimum to try your product and ensure it's something he can spread the word of. His word is his bond, and his passion is what sells products. 


Partners & Sponsors


by: Xyphien LLC

Xyphien LLC creates video games, card games, board games, and more! Try out their Mythology based Trading Card Game called Demi, or their Creature Collecting game called Pixacrea!

with: Guilded

Guilded is the leading alternative chat platform to Discord. With tons more features such as Calendars, RSVP Events, The ability to make money from subscriptions, Nitro Features for FREE, forums, documents, blog posts, and more!


by: JuJu Energy

JuJu is more than just another energy drink. It’s a healthy, high energy and focus formula. It is Sugar Free and has natural caffeine.