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About Me

I am Xyphien, I’m 22 years old, and have been making websites since 2009. I’m an avid gamer as well. My favorite games currently are League Of Legends, Halo, Albion Online, and several others. I have over 250 games on my steam, and I’ve given out over 100 games to users on countless sites, including one of my major sites you can find in the “My Sites” section located at the top right of this website. If you’d like to play any games with me on steam, or just about anything my name is Xyphien on it. Feel free to  add me. Through my years of being online, and gaming I’ve developed an urge to Livestream, and record myself playing.

SenpaiDating’s Crowdfunding Campaign Is Now Live!

https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/senpaidating-dating-site-for-gamers-anime/x/3326231#/ Senpaid Dating’s Crowdfunding Campaign is now live, and ready! If at all possible, can you all share the link with other people, donate if you have any spare money to give to the project, and let everyone know that it is up and running!

Getting things back in place!

Tomorrow (Technically today as it’s past 12am) I’ll be making the Indiegogo campaign for SenpaiDating live! We’re going to be putting up the goal for $3,000 and if we cannot get that amount within the time limit, sadly we’re going to have to put the idea on the side burner 🙁


On other news. I am getting http://GameHandout.com back up and running! In the past 24 hours we’ve gained around 20 members all becoming active, and helping us get the content up and running which is always a plus. I put a lot of time into getting all the games available added to the shop. With 140 games available for you to get for free, it’s no wonder why people are lining up to be apart of the site 😀


for everyone who doesn’t know what GameHandout is, it’s a gaming community that rewards you for posting on the forums. With every post you get forum currency called GH$ which you can then turn into steam games, FREE! It’s a really great website I’ve been working on getting up off and on for the past around 5 years. However, as of now I am putting my full effort into getting it fully functional, and active!

Almost Up




I’m coming close to announcing my newest project to the world! I am extremely excited to see how y’all will react, and how many people will both use, and fund the project prior to it being announced. Here’s a little preview of some of the chibi’s that has been made based off of the main character 😀




The only thing we’re waiting on at this current time is the animation of the introduction video. Once that is up and running, the project will become live, and I’ll personally be sharing the indiegogo campaign on everything possible 🙂


Don’t hesitate to comment below, and let me know how you think about everything!

Super Top Secret Business

Hey everyone! So, I haven’t been on this much at all. Though now I’m just updating this to announce that I’m currently  in the process of creating a business. This business is still in extreme early stages, and thus far will be a secret until we announce the indiegogo campaign. In order to get the site up to the standards we’re holding on it, it’s going to cost us around $8,000 to make it. This is something we’re not able to just pull out of our pockets after all. Below is our mascot we will be using. She will be all over the site, on merchandise, and much, much more. The business is something I’m really excited about, and something I’m greatly looking forward to announcing to everyone. If anyone is interested in learning more about the business, etc. make sure you follow me on this website! 😀


How time flies.

Have you ever visited something, or re-read something from the past that just had you sitting there wondering where time has went?


I just visited my second ever site, and first ‘successful’ site. It was up there in the day, I’d like to think. Http://Pivetworld.forumotion.com this was the first .com website I’ve ever bought (It expired). The site was built in 2010-05-01, that’s well over 6 years ago. I read a comment from an old friend on there saying how we lost contact, and really haven’t spoken in well over 4 years. It just had me thinking of all the friends, and people I use to talk to back in the day.


On less depressing news, I am currently working on a new website, I know… I have a problem. http://battlerite.co which is a community forum for the game Battlerite. It’s extremely addicting, and so far I’ve gained 50 members in around 3 days due to me hosting a tournament on it. I hope it picks up, and I’m actually really excited for the tournament, and to see the future progression of the website.


I haven’t posted on this as much as I hope, so I’ll start to attempt to make some more posts, so one day I can go back to this, and re-read everything that was going through my head at the time, as well as check out some of the old websites of mine 🙂

Great day!

Hey everyone! So… I have two major things that happened today that just really spiked up my mood a LOT!


First off, I have finished this amazingly beautiful theme for https://webmaster.college



This theme is absolutely beautiful, and goes with the theme perfectly. I am extremely happy, and excited to have it finished!


Another thing is, I purchased tickets to go see a concert featuring Weezer, and Panic at the disco. I’ve never been to a legit concert, and this will be the first one I go to ever. It’s still in about a month, however, I am really excited for it now! Great things happened today, great things!

Soo much stuff!

So… as you all may know I made VRMMO.co well… Now I’m working on yet another VR website called VRGamingNews.com which is still highly in developement.  Nonetheless, it’s coming along fine. I have a demo up now, and going through and changing/editing some things on it. It’s going to be called VGN and hopefully get pretty popular.


However, my next priority is OverWatchSpotlight.com OWS. Overwatch Spotlight is going to be a network of social media dedicated to featuring content on overwatch. From custom content, highlight plays, fan-art, fan-made content, etc. I’ll be sharing it all on the site, twitter, facebook, and making videos on youtube of top ten plays, funniest moments, best fan art, etc. I’m really excited about this, and the site is actually up and functional right now. I purchased an add for it and everything.


I’m still really busy, and haven’t been able to do much of anything, and won’t be able to until about next month. However, it doesn’t mean I can’t update this here and there.

Day 7 and last for a while

So… I’ll be away for a month. We’re getting ready to head back, we just moved into tents with extremely poor internet. Unless something super awesome happens I won’t be updating this until I get back to the states more than likely.


Speaking of super awesome, I got offered $360 a month to put ads on one of my websites from this site. Sadly… the email they supplied me to reply back to isn’t a real email. I’m guess it’s either a fake email by a troll wanting to get my hopes up/advertising the site, or they simply misspelled the name or something. By the way, if anyone is interested in putting ads on any of my websites, don’t hesitate to contact me here on the contact page. We can negotiate everything, etc. and make it work. RMMV.co gets over 300k views a month, and several of my other sites get a good amount of traffic as well. Though I don’t like to spam ads on my sites, I can add a rotating add or something along those lines to display ads without it taking up a lot of space on the websites itself, whilst being in view in a easily clickable area.

Day 6? I think…

Won’t be going to bed for a while, however I figured I’d get out of the way right now. It’s 2130 and I’m hyped up on a monster and probably won’t go to bed until like 0400 and I need to be up at 0900 to claim a good spot in the tent I’m going in however, probably saying screw that and getting whatever is left over.


I’m pretty sure I’m done with VRMMO.co and I’m really excited on how it turns out as of now. Sadly won’t have too many posts for a long while as there is currently only one VRMMO being developed right now. Though I’ll be keeping a huge eye on all thing VR in hopes that more will be released, as well as more information on VR.


As for the rest  of the sites I haven’t had a chance to do anything else. I’ve been packing all day for the move, and just now finished everything. So… This post will be extremely short, and have nothing too much going on in it.

Day 5 – First Post

VRMMO.co has came a long way in the 5 days I’ve been working on it. I’ve fixed a BUNCH of stuff, and just added my first blog post to it https://t.co/Ia4OvvXzoq I’m really excited for the site. There are still a lot of things I need to fix, such as the footer changing on each page to a different page, which is quite weird. It displays a different twitter tweet, and I kind of forgot where I went to change all that. I’ll hopefully find it tomorrow.


I really need to fix the twitter on RaiseGamer, as well as the footer as a whole. I’ve been advertising it for a while now, and I haven’t even bothered with the footer, which is a terrible thing to neglect when being a webmaster. I also realized I haven’t been on much on RMMV.co (RPGMakerMV.co) and will start posting and doing everything on that. I haven’t had much time off the past few days and those few hours I’ve spent updating the websites. I’m not sure if they’re excuses, or viable reasons, however I will start needing to make room for all of my sites. If I make all these sites, I need to be on top of them. Why spend all this time making something and then let it die out.


No one views, or read these, and they’re mostly just for myself to take all my thoughts on the day and put them up, however, if anyone is reading them. One, you probably know that I overuse Commas and two, I’d like to thank you for taking the time out of your day to go through and read these. It’s always nice having someone interested enough in what you do to read about it. Take care, and good night.

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