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I am Xyphien, I’m 24 years old, and have been making websites since 2009. I’m an avid gamer as well. My favorite game currently are League Of Legends, this has been the number one game of mine since 2009 when I first created the account. I have over 300 games on my steam, and I’ve given out over 100 games to users on countless sites, including one of my major sites you can find in the “My Sites” section located at the top right of this website. If you’d like to play any games with me on steam, or just about anything my name is Xyphien on it. Feel free to add me.

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Another post :O

Hey everyone! I’m back with another post and update to my life. The past few weeks have been hectic and the last few months have seemed sluggish which is completely contradicting but sadly it is just how it feels to me.


Anyway, I started working on a community called StreamPromote. What originated as a discord server quickly grew, once we hit 300 members I made a new Twitch channel called StreamPromoteBot, and after the 7 days required of the account being made it became an affiliate! Once it hit around 400 followers I decided to make a website called and now everything seems to be falling in place which is amazing!

My goal for this community is simple, I want to help give streamers the chance to get their name out there, get known, and to network with other people at the same time. I feel it would be an amazing thing to do, and I’m looking forward to seeing the community become bigger and bigger! Right now I’m focusing on the twitch channel, but next will be the website and back to promoting the discord I believe. I’m super excited, and if you stream or like to watch streamers I’d check them out!


As for Demi that is going wonderfully. Sadly I don’t have the funds to keep it updated at a timely fashion but I should be getting a job and going to college here soon. Using the GI bill I should make enough money to pay my rent, and then have the rest of my disability paycheck and work to fund at least two cards a month which would be phenomenal! Everything else I’ve been doing is still going well however at this current moment these two things are the prime objective I’m spending my time focusing on.

Streaming and Demi Card Game

I haven’t written a blog post in a hot minute. I do apologize for that. However, I have recently gotten out of the Army, and settled into my first apartment which I’m now looking at buying a house once this lease is almost up. That being said I’ve been really busy the past few months and I’m now in a situation where I’m able to work on everything I’d like to without worrying about it. This being said I have four main things I’m focusing on at the moment! My Livestream, Demi Card Game, Demi RPG Game, and my Discord servers/ and Websites which are listed here below. All of which have my upmost attention.


I’ve gotten my affiliate on Twitch, which means I’m now able to make some extra money playing games which is always a HUGE bonus to doing something I already love to do. And entertaining people is another thing I’ve always loved doing. This is extremely exciting and can also help me with my funds as I have no job and simply collect money from my injuries in the Armed Forces at the moment.


Demi Card Game has came a LONG way since I last posted about it on here. We’ve finished the entire Greek Deck, and are currently working on the Norse Deck. Which I still have a lot of stuff that needs to be done in order to even take the images I have for the Norse Deck and put them into card form. However, I’m working on that nonetheless and it should be good to go by the end of the week!


Demi is also releasing a RPG Game, though not card related like the actual game, it will be a classic RPG game. You chose your class amongst 6 other classes, your own name, and go on your own adventure. Depending on the choices you make, will depend on the outcome of the game. Chose wrong and you could leave a city in ruins, or have someone you could have aligned with be killed before even seeing them. It will be a massive choice based game, and one I am personally extremely excited to create!


As for the discord servers and my website, I have a few of them that are my top priority list. are my biggest websites on my list of things to maintain at the moment. With the free time I have available I will strive to make sure they are all up to date from now on 😀 As for discord servers, I have the following which rank from Highest Priority to High Priority! DemiCardGame – The official Card Game for DCG. StreamPromote – A discord community where you can promote your stream, and gain more followers, subs, etc. by being active! AGC – ArchGamers Community. The discord for the website and also RPGMakerMV – The official discord server for

Update on Demi, and Weekly game giveaways!

Salutations everyone! I have a few updates for you all!


First off, I’ve gotten a lot done with Demi. We’re about 9/90 cards made for the starter decks, and a few cards made for the card packs. However, the biggest thing that I’ve added to the game is the ability to play all three starter decks on a game called Tabletop Simulator. Here I’ve been playing with a few randoms, and other fans as well as tweaking the game with a few things.









Another thing, I’ll be giving away a free game every week starting this week. The giveaways will be sponsoring and will be to help promote both GameHandout, myself, and Demi. Throughout the weeks/months, etc. It’ll allow me to gain a bigger following, and in return allow me to help promote the websites I’d like to be promoted. Get the first game here:

Demi – Trading Card Game

I’m currently in the process of making a new card game. This cardgame is Called Demi. I’ve just finished making the demo version of the website. I say Demo because we don’t currently have enough images to create a more diverse look to the site. There’s the same image spread all through the website. We won’t be out of the Demo website until we start getting more diverse images throughout all of the mythologies. If y’all would like to check it out and read more about it please feel free to visit

Partnership Applications

As you may all know, Gamehandout is one of my main focal points when it comes to websites. I’ve been working on it, and continuing to try and improve it, as well as keep it active for years now. Throughout the years I’ve gathered countless game keys I’ve been giving away, and with a wide variety, and huge amount of keys left I’ve decided to allow Partnering with GameHandout.

We’re currently looking for members of the gaming community to sponsor! This means if you are an upcoming streamer, tweeter, or anything relating to gaming then we’re looking for you! In becoming a partner with us you’re ensuring that GameHandout expands, and grows as a community. GameHandout Partners help shape the community with their shoutouts, feedback, and having a face to put with GameHandout.In return, We offer the perks of the following:
Green colored username to stick out from all other members.
Your content being sponsored on our website, and via social media.
Monthly gift codes to giveaway.

If you wish to become a GameHandout Partner then please Contact us at giving us a link to your content, and any other information you feel we will need. We will then review it, and write back within 48 hours.”

This will allow us to give steam keys out to streamers, youtubers, and much, much more, as well as help us branch out by allowing them to promote our website and what we do here at GameHandout!

Down With AGC Up With HTTPS

Hello everyone, I’m here today to bring you some bad news 🙁 today I shut down AGC ( it was a project a buddy and myself went into with a 50/50 goal. He’d do 50% of the work, I’d do 50% of the work. He’d pay 50% of the funds, I’d pay 50% of the funds. However, unfortunately he never stuck to this and it left me being the sole provider, advertiser, etc. for the website. What was an amazing idea, turned out too much for just myself to manage on-top of everything else I am managing. This proved to be its downfall. What irritates me, is his whole argument was “I helped pay for it, I didn’t think I had to actually help with it at all”… ooh well, I’m going to keep the domain, and if I ever get into sponsoring a MLG team, or making my own semi-pro team for whatever game it is I’m super obsessed with at the time, this name will be sure to make it’s way back!

I now have all of my sites HTTPS compatible. However, I’m still trying to get them fully secure. I just managed to get to be 100% compatible, as well as however, I’m struggling with I pretty much found a wordpress plugin that makes it dummy proof to get your site 100% secure and display the lock/secure, however, xenforo is a whole nother story and every other xf site I’ve had seemed to instantly get secure GameHandout is proving to be the most difficult. I personally think having one of the most needed ones out there, as often times people think GameHandout is a scam, as “Free steam games has to be too good to be true” or other logic such as that. Which is irritating in itself. Having https I feel would help discredit this claim, and hopefully help people see how legit, and amazing gamehandout is as a community!

A lot going on!

Despite working 12 hour shifts with no days off for the past almost 2 months I’ve gotten a lot of things done. Some I don’t think I’ve mentioned, others I might re-mention. I’m unsure if I’ve mentioned this but I’ve been in the process of making a game for the past few months. Though it’s being developed by myself, with the help of 2 others who are making graphics, and the music for the game (The whole game) it’s mostly why there hasn’t been much progress with it. However, as I’m getting ready to complete the overall town (Not to include the characters, or any functions of the game) I’ve decided to make a website and soon-to-be forum for the game. It’s as well as


Ooh, another thing, I’ve went through and made most of my forums but 3 HTTPS (SSL) certified. Those three sadly cannot be upgraded until I remove another one of my websites which I’m very hesitant to do. I’m thinking about seeing if my hosting company, hawk host, would be able to simply transfer the whole site over to another one of my hosting plans as I have four of them 😀 this would free up the overabundance of room I have on the one hosting that is preventing me from adding the SSL (Https) to the websites.


I’ve also been really hyped for this MMO to come out, and have been no lifing the Korean version for the past month. I’m already lvl 42 out of 50 (being the max). I’ve then decided to make as well as in hopes that I can provide some Guides, translations, etc. for the russian, korean, and soon-to-be Western/US release once Aeria Games announces it fully.


Some of the images of the game I’m making can be found below:




Characters –
Maddie: 19: Very soft spoken, shy, and loving person.
She spends her time thinking about all the
ways she could help everyone and provide a
cure to the people who have recently been
infected. Her goal is to be the opposite of
her father.

Dale: 43: Maddie’s father. He’s’s a drunk, angry,
rude, and mean person. Though he hasn’t
been caught, often times does
maddie have bruises on her that isn’t well
explained. Many think it is from Dale’s known
anger problems. Dale often times can be
found in the pub, or in the
jailcell from fights in the pub.

Cassandra: 20: Cassandra is a quiet, yet quite emotional
girl who is in her scene/gothic phase. She
is either really sad, or angry towards people.
The only people she tends to be nice with
are the ones who are her friends, and truly
‘understand’ her.

Stanice: 37: Stanice is Cassandra’s mother. She is
very nice, and owns a store in the town.
She tries to help out everyone she can with
any problems, while trying to make ends meet
at her shop.

Frank: 39: Frank is Cassandra’s Father / Stanice’s
Husband. He is very helpful, and wise.
He grew up outside of the wall, and knows the
struggles of life, as well as how to survive.
He is the lead librarian at the warriors
guild, and will help with any knowlege needed
to know of outside the wall.

Henry: 31: Henry is a very straight forward, blunt
individual. He is the owner of the
warriors guild, and the one that plans all
of the tasks for those who go outside of the
gate. He is also the protector of the gate,
and the one that caters all the orders around,
in, and outside of the gate when it comes
to protection.

Samuel: 65: Mayor Samuel is the owner of the town.
He is very well respected, and very proper.
Many people say he was a huge roleplayer
online prior to the apocalypse. He was
once caught boasting about his guild prior
to the outbreak. People say this is how he
became such a good mayor. His spends his life
catering to the town, and making sure
everything is in the correct balance.

Stanley: 9: Stanley is the child of Samuel. He is
extremely young, and no one knows
who his mother is. Samuel won’t even talk
about it. Stanley, also known as Stan. Is
very wild, and rambunctious. If there is
ever any trouble around the town, most of the
time you can find Stanley around that area.

Micheal: 18: Micheal is known as being the male version
of Cassandra. He is very quite, and quite
rude besides towards Cassandra, and the
younger children. He is almost always found
in his room besides the occasional visit
to the bathroom.

Sarah: 22: Sarah is the ‘princess’ of the town. She
will never be found walking without her
head held high. She often times speaks down
towards everyone.
She is extremely bad when it comes to her
son. She is often heard belittling her son
Micheal. Many think that Micheal’s behavior
is a direct response to her negativity.
She is the magic shop owner, and is often
not visited due to both her attitude
and the lack of magical knowlege in the town.
She is the only one who knows magic, and
refuses to teach anyone who is not to
her standards.

Benard: ??? : Every town, group, etc. has that one guy
who just doesn’t seem ‘right’. Benard has
never been seen outside of his house.
Many people wonder how he eats, or stays
alive. Many people claim a foul odor
coming from his house. No one dares enter
his house, or even bothers to check
up on him. Children claim to see him
doing ‘creepy’ stuff in his house. Though
none of them have ever explained what truly
goes on in the house.

Shawn: 34: Shawn is the towns farmer. He tends to
be on the lazier side, and is always looking
for people to help do his job for him. He
often times pays people to water his crops
and pick them for him. He also owns the
food store.

Kayla: 32: Kayla tends to stay in the shop to manage it
as she knows her husband Shawn tends to cut
a lot of corners, and is quite lazy. She
sometimes jokes to customers about it, which
Shawn doesn’t seem to have a problem with.
Though she tends to stay to herself, once
you get to know her, she is quite the
talkative one.

William: 8: The child of Kayla, and Shawn. William
is a very energetic young child who is
mostly found outside playing, and enjoying
the view of everything. Most people see him
playing in the park area, climbing on trees
and splashing in the water.

Blossom: 7: Blossom is very quite, and loves to
read books and study. Often times found with
Cassandra reading books with her. Everyone
says Blossom will be the next air to the
village with her amazing talent for strategy
and intelligence. If you do not see her with
Cassandra, you will almost always find her at
the library.

Hank 20: Hank was found a few months after the town
got set up. He was badly injured, yet
didn’t seem to have any bite marks on his
body. His injuries seemed to be caused by
another human vs. an infected. He now lives
by himself, and tends to keep by himself.
He is apart of the towns guards, and spends
most of his time watching the gate.

Ernest: 47: Ernest was apart of the town long before
the infection, and spent his whole life
trying to help better the town. Now he spends
all of his time guarding the town, and
ensuring no ill happens to the town. He is
one of the most valued towns guard. and

To think if I didn’t already have enough websites I just added 2 more to my list! Yes, that’s right! 2 more! The new game Bless Online is coming out soon to the US (By soon, I mean the date is undetermined). However, it’s still out in Korea, and Russia which playing it is actually not as hard as one might think. Simply downloading a VPN, as well as the game and english patch and wallah! You have it! Anyway, I went ahead and made a website for news, information, guides, etc. as well as a forum for it. This way members can see all the information coming out, get some great guides for different classes/races, etc. As well as have another community to talk in and promote their guilds, etc.


If you’re interested in seeing these two new sites the links are here:

SenpaiDating’s Crowdfunding Campaign Is Now Live! Senpaid Dating’s Crowdfunding Campaign is now live, and ready! If at all possible, can you all share the link with other people, donate if you have any spare money to give to the project, and let everyone know that it is up and running!

Getting things back in place!

Tomorrow (Technically today as it’s past 12am) I’ll be making the Indiegogo campaign for SenpaiDating live! We’re going to be putting up the goal for $3,000 and if we cannot get that amount within the time limit, sadly we’re going to have to put the idea on the side burner 🙁


On other news. I am getting back up and running! In the past 24 hours we’ve gained around 20 members all becoming active, and helping us get the content up and running which is always a plus. I put a lot of time into getting all the games available added to the shop. With 140 games available for you to get for free, it’s no wonder why people are lining up to be apart of the site 😀


for everyone who doesn’t know what GameHandout is, it’s a gaming community that rewards you for posting on the forums. With every post you get forum currency called GH$ which you can then turn into steam games, FREE! It’s a really great website I’ve been working on getting up off and on for the past around 5 years. However, as of now I am putting my full effort into getting it fully functional, and active!

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